Will the county or city assist me for free?
The county animal services will only assist in matters relating to domestic cats and dogs. They will advise you to contact and hire a licensed trapper to resolve any nuisance wildlife issues.

What is your service range?
We operate primarily in Orange and Seminole Counties. Depending upon our schedule and the type of work requested, we will sometimes travel to Osceola and surrounding counties. If you are from Central Florida looking for service outside of the Orlando area please call and discuss the issue and we will let you know if we can service your area.

(In general, we will travel
anywhere that a customer is willing to pay us to travel, but, at some point the cost of hiring us becomes prohibitve and hiring a local company makes better sense. However, if you have more money than sense--we're willing to travel!)

What types of payment do you accept?
We accept cash, check and most major credit cards. We prefer cash. We will accept local checks. We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express.

Do you carry adequate insurance?
Our industry requires a minimum of $500,000.00 in general liability. We go well above and beyond the minimum and carry $2,000,000.00 in general and $1,000,000.00 per occurrence. Our service trucks are also covered by commercial auto policies.

Are you licensed by the state?
We are licensed by the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services. We have historically maintained licensing with the Florida Wildlife Commission and can be found on their website for nuisance wildlife trappers.

Licensing is handled by the state, and that license is the same one required by full pest control companies. Any person claiming to be properly licensed should be prepared to provide either an ID Card stating that he or she is a Certified Operator or an ID Card of a properly trained technician. Wildlife "training" offered by the local outdoor megastore does not fulfill the requirement.

Will you invoice commercial properties?
We are able to invoice commercial properties for our services if the details are arranged in advance of our visit. We will also provide W9 information, insurance certificates, and proof of licensing upon request.

Can my regular pest control company do this?
In most cases, no. Pest control companies simply are not trained or equipped to handle vertebrates. Also, in most cases pest control companies do not use exclusionary techniques to solve a problem permanently as they make their money by scheduling routine return visits.

Do you take care of termites or other insects?
No. Although we are licensed to do so, our area of expertise is in the handling of vertebrates.

Do you use poison?
No. Again, although we are licensed to do so, we choose to deal with nuisance wildlife in the most humane manner possible. Poisoning causes a slow, agonizing death--not at all what we believe in. In the long term, poisoning is only a band-aid and will not solve a wildlife issue permanently.

Do you remove alligators?
Calls for nuisance alligators are handled by the Florida Wildlife Commission. No private trapper can legally take your call and handle the problem--the call must be routed through FWC.

Do you pick up orphaned animals?
We will pick up orphaned animals for a service fee. If you wish to avoid a fee, simply contact a local rehab facility and arrange to transport the animal to them for proper care.

Do you pick up injured or baby birds?
As stated previously, we will pick up injured or orphaned animals for a fee.

Do you pick up dead animals?
We will pick up dead animals on your property (as well as locate and remove dead animals in your home) for a service and disposal fee.

Will you help with dog or cat issues?
No. The county animal services are here to assist you in those matters.

Which animals do you handle?
We deal with the most common nuisance wildlife species: armadillos, opossums, raccoons, rats, bats, snakes, squirrels, and dead animals. We will from time to time assist with other species, but generally stick to these.

Which animals don't you handle?
We do not take calls for cats, dogs, alligators, and bears. The county and state will assist with calls for these animals.

How often do you get bitten by wild animals?
The answer should be never. However, in dealing with literally thousands of wild animals per year, confidence can be your undoing. I have never been bitten by an animal where I either didn't know it was coming, or where it could not have been avoided. Sometimes for the sake of speed and ease I may opt to take the hit, although I have never received anything more than a very light injury. (The worst bite I've ever taken was from a mother thoroughbred horse that wanted nothing to do with the filly she had just given birth to and while I was trying to convince her otherwise by grabbing her halter, she grabbed a hold of a mouthful of skin from my chest and decided the argument. Ouch, that left a mark.)

What is the strangest thing you've ever caught?
Unfortunately or fortunately, we see pretty much the same thing over and over. I would say that some of the more interesting captures have been non-native species that are released into our ecosystem and thrive rather than perish as they would in other climates in the country.

Why do you charge the prices you do?
Wildlife control operators offer a unique skill-set comparable to no other industry. We are highly trained and educated with years of experience, state licensed and in most cases hold degrees. We are able to safely deal with issues that no other industry is capable of solving or even equipped to solve. Each job we face poses unique risks, not only from the animals we deal with, but in the care we must take to not damage your structure and property while climbing in, on, under and around it. We are asked to quickly solve a problem where the culprit is often in motion and able to relocate in seconds within your structure. We drive great distances to arrive at your home in a timely manner and can troubleshoot and be working on a solution to your problem in minutes. We deliver professional results at a cost that is lower than any professional or service related field and deliver satisfaction at a far higher value. We are not amatures, nor are we hobbyists--we are professional nuisance wildlife control operators. In order to be prepaired to help you solve your particular problem we must maintain a vast aray of capture equipment, make our services available to you through advertising, maintain state licenses, pay large insurance premiums (commercial auto, commercial liability up to $2,000,000.00), and also pay for the fuel it takes to travel to your property. We would love to be able to offer our services at little to no cost, however, running a business is an expensive venture and the cost of your job is what makes our presence possible.
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