Snakes encountered on your property or in your home should be left alone.

Do not attempt to handle any snake found in Florida as it may be a venomous snake.

Calling Wildlife Ranger for the capture and removal of the snake is the best solution to your snake issue. We have years of experience and training at both identifying and handling the snakes of Florida.

If possible, try to keep the snake in view until our wildlife operator arrives. This will give us the greatest chance of successfully locating and removing the unwanted snake.

List of Florida Snakes (and some variations in name):
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Do not attempt to handle wild snakes.

Please, do not kill unwanted snakes.

Call Wildlife Ranger: 407.902.4010.
Unwanted Encounters with the Snakes of Florida:
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There are 45 species of snakes found in Florida along with 44 subspecies.

Although most of those 45 species will bite if provoked, only 6 species are venomous.

The venomous snakes we come across in Central Florida are the Coral Snake, Cottonmouth (Water Moccasin), Eastern Diamondback Rattler, and the Pygmy Rattler (the Copperhead and Timber Rattlesnake are not native to our area).
Banded watersnake
Black pine snake
Black snake (Black Racer)
Blind snake
Brahminy blind snake
Brown snake
Marsh brown snake
Florida brown snake
Midland brown snake
Brown watersnake
Coral snake
Corn snake
Rosy rat snake
Florida cottonmouth
Eastern cottonmouth
Crayfish snake
Crowned snake
Diamondback rattlesnake
Dusky pygmy rattlesnake
Earth snake
Eastern coachwhip
Eastern diamondback rattlesnake
Eastern hognose snake
Eastern indigo snake
Florida crowned snake
Central Florida crowned snake
Coastal dunes crowned snake
Peninsular crowned snake
Florida green watersnake
Florida pine snake
Garter snake
Bluestripe garter snake
Eastern garter snake
Glossy crayfish snake
Gulf crayfish snake
Green watersnake
Hognose snake
Indigo snake
Florida kingsnake
Eastern kingsnake
Midland watersnake
Mole kingsnake
South Florida mole kingsnake
Mud Snake
Eastern Mudsnake
Western Mudsnake
Pygmy rattlesnake
Pine snake
Florida pine snake
Black pine snake
Pine woods snake
Plainbelly watersnake
Redbelly watersnake
Yellowbelly watersnake
Queen snake
Brownchin racer
Everglades racer
Southern racer
Rainbow snake
South Florida rainbow snake
Rat snake
Yellow rat snake
Everglades rat snake
Gray rat snake
Redbelly snake
Florida redbelly snake
Northern redbelly snake
Red ratsnake
Ribbon snake
Bluestriped ribbon snake
Peninsula ribbon snake
Eastern ribbon snake
Rim rock crowned snake
Ringneck snake
Key ringneck snake
Southern ringneck snake
Rough earth snake
Rough green snake
Peninsula green snake
Salt marsh snake
Gulf salt marsh snake
Mangrove salt marsh snake
Atlantic salt marsh snake
Scarlet kingsnake
Scarlet snake
Florida scarlet snake
Northern scarlet snake
Short-tailed snake
Smooth earth snake
Southeastern crowned snake
Southern copperhead
Southern hognose snake
Striped crayfish snake
Swamp snake
South Florida swamp snake
North Florida swamp snake
Timber rattlesnake
Water moccasin
Click Here for the University of Florida Online Snake Guide