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The Opossum: (Didelphis virginiana). Opossums can be seen sneaking around the neighborhood at night usually travelling alone. They are wonderful scavengers and will exploit just about any food source on the block from raiding garbage cans, pet food, rotten fruit fallen from fruit trees--to eating insects, frogs, and worms. They will eat carrion and when scavenging for a roadside meal can be in great danger of becoming roadkill themselves.

Opossums are not necessarily the most industrious nuisance wildlife we come across. They will normally occupy holes abandoned by armadillos, occupy attics after raccoons have moved out, or can be perfectly happy sleeping under your shed. They don't cause much trouble trying to break in, but can be pretty tough to persuade to leave once they consider your place home.
• Opossums are omnivores and have 50 teeth, more than any other mammal in North America.

• Life span in the wild is rarely more than two years, with a maximum in captivity of only about 4 years.

• Opossums have a prehensile tail, are marsupials, and possess opposable thumbs on their hind feet.

• Mother opossums can give birth to up to 25 offspring. Fewer than half will survive.

• Baby opossums are weened by about day 70 to 125 and will leave the pouch and travel on Mom's back.
Noise: The sounds that opossums make will sound much like a raccoon, only slower. They tend to make sounds that seem to indicate shuffling, rather than brisk movement.
Structural Damage: As mentioned above, opossums are not known for great intelligence or brute strength, but will be perfectly happy to move into an old den site made by other animals.
Droppings: The concerns related to the opossums droppings are no different than raccoons, rats, squirrels, etc. It is important to clean up the mess left behind by the animals as there are serious health concerns related to the pressence of droppings.
Recurrence: Properly sealing the structure against re-entry is the key to solving the issue permanently.
Exlusion: Repairing the entry point and ensuring that the home is properly excluded is the key to solving the issue permanently. Opossum repairs should be made using only industry accepted materials and procedures as the strength and intelligence of the animal will ultimately undo any effort that is not completed 100% to standard.