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Dead Animal Removal. It is an unpleasant fact that all living things will die eventually. It is even more unpleasant that sometimes they do so in your home. We are called upon to remove:

--dead animals from attic spaces
--dead animals from crawl spaces under homes
--dead animals from driveways
--dead animals from wall spaces
--dead animals from above drop ceilings
--dead animals from machinery.
Often, the first indication that you have a problem with animal intrusion is when you begin to detect an odor that isn't quite right. Well, that small odor soon turns into an overwhelmingly aweful stench that actually has had customers in the past moving to a hotel until the problem subsides or until we are called to solve the problem.

Locating the source of the odor caused by a dead animal within a structure can be quite a tricky problem. Animals are able to reach areas of the home that human beings are simply unable to reach. This poses great difficulty in trying to identify the spot where the odor may be coming from. It can also make it a real challenge to remove once the carcass is located. It can also be tough to determine if the smell is coming from above, below, or possibly in a wall space.

Removing the carcass. We get several calls a week where our skills are tested to locate, remove, and clean up after an animal that has died in a home. We have become quite adept at using our senses to find the source of the odor. Once found, we may be able to simply hand remove the carcass (cases where an animal has simply died in your attic insulation, or expired in the dirt of the crawl space), however, sometimes it is necessary to make a small cut in your drywall to remove an animal that has found its way into a wall void. We will normally make a cut no larger than the size necessary to reach a hand into the void, remove and dispose of the carcass, spray a bio-zide to break down the remaining residue, and simply re-insert the cut piece of drywall into the hole, spackle it and be on our way.

Success Rate. We have honed our skills over hundreds of calls and find our success rate to be very close to 100%. We have proven to be the best option for dead animal removal and, although it's not a very pleasant task, take great pride in our ability.